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Project Management                                          

A good product will only be successful if it is brought to the market in the right time.  Making sure your new product being delivered with quality and in time is vital in today's competitive market.

There are thousands of manufacturers in China which provide very competitive development supports and production costs. There is no wonder that the mainland  China is named the global factory. However, oversea buyers always have the below problems when dealing with China vendors: 

l          I can find a huge numbers of suppliers from the Internet or exhibition, but I seldom have a chance to visit their companies and meet their people.

l          It is alright to buy their products off the shelves. However, if it comes to implementing a new idea from customer (an ODM project), the quality of design is not assured. The final product performance may not meet the original design goal.

l         The development cycle is usually longer than the original schedule, and customers sometimes need to sacrifice their product quality to keep the shipment schedule.

l       Although daily communications through emails or phone conferencing can be effective, face-to-face discussion on certain issues (especially problems) is much more efficient. If we had had a team member at the vendors  site, the results would not be so terrible K

Our project management team is here to help oversea  merchandising companies who have difficulties in monitoring closely their new product development activities which take place in their vendors' sites in China. 

Per customer request, we will arrange vendor visits and progress audit on regular basis or at critical milestones. In addition, routine schedule review and discussion on outstanding issues can be done on you behalf, letting you make sure everything is on track without a hassle.




In general, our services cover the below areas which can surely meet your need :

New Vendor Audit V Understanding that you may have identified dozens of potential vendors during exhibitions, from the Internet and other promotion channels, but you can hardly visit and evaluate their factories and operations in China. We can provide a one-time audit and provide an evaluation report on areas including human resources, development capability, production facilities and quality management.

Supervision on Development Cycle V Once your new project is confirmed, we can hold routine project meetings with your vendor to discuss progress on outstanding issues in different development stages, from kick-off, engineering samples, pilot run, to production release.

Sample Evaluation V Upon different milestones, you may require the vendor to submit samples for your evaluation. Our Performance Audit Team can perform validation based on our internal qualification test plans, or according to your performance specifications.  It is particularly useful when your vendors always make several sample submissions before all performance problems are resolved. It saves plenty of time by avoiding sending samples back and forth, and by explaining problems face to face.

Schedule Delay Alert V By project meetings and sample performance, we would evaluate the project development progress. We will provide alerts when we have found factors leading to significant schedule delay.

Corrective Actions - In case of unresolved development problem, we can provide technical advises and ensure the  corrective actions (e.g. design modifications, component changes, manpower resources allocation, etc) are taken.

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