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Performance Audit                                                                        
The goal of our Performance Audit Team is to provide performance evaluation service on engineering samples or pilot run samples for customers who are developing new products and manufacturing. 

We believe that a good evaluation system starting at an early stage of a development cycle can save you a lot of efforts and costs by avoiding problems happening at the final stages. We are your inevitable choice if you:

do not have the necessary facilities  and  manpower to carry out the  corresponding  engineering tests.  Our test activities are supported by our equipment including Digital Oscilloscope, RF Tester, Audio Generator and  Analyzer, etc;

want to save time for oversea sample delivery, and want quick test cycles such that your  vendor  can do  modification quickly to meet your requirement; or

need a gate-keeper for preliminary sample test at the front-end before your detailed and costly evaluation starts.

Our evaluation services are divided into 2 categories:

l       Standard Test V a generic test plan which includes items predefined for different product categories. Quantitative and subjective test items are included and test customization is possible upon customer request.

l     Customer Specified Test V Evaluation based on customer specified performance specifications.





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